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Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender, 1945/05/14

Published 1945

(1) "Supreme headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces, Reims: Nazi General Jodl, representing Admiral Doenitz, strides into the 'war room' where Allied Generals await him and his party. After the surrender terms are understood, Jodl fills a third of a page with his scrawly signature, this his associates sign. U.S. General W. B. Smith the Allied Chief of Staff signs as do the remainder of the Allied Generals. In an adjoining room, General Eisenhower, wreathed in smiles, forms the signature pens into a V for Victory sign. Unconditional surrender is an accomplished fact." scenes of peace signed at red scholhouse in Reims, France, by Gen Jodl and Gen. Smith (2) Last Nazi Prisoners Arrive Here - "NYC: 3,000 assorted Nazi prisoners arrive in America. They range from the haughty officers down to awe stricken youngsters, and are the last who will be sent to this country." (3) Death of a Tyrant - "Musso Mussed Up - Milan, An indignant mob aims well-placed kicks at the bodies of Mussolini and his mistress lying in a public square. Later, their corpses dangle head downward, high above the leering crowds." scenes of Mussolini's body in Milan, hangs from rafters of a gas station with mistress; (4) Seventh War Loan Drive Is Opened - "Times Square: Iowa Jima statue is unveiled by 3 of the heroes who took part in the original flag raising, on which the statue is patterned." (5) President Has a Real Mother's Day - "Washington, DC: Mrs. Truman, 92, arrives from Missouri by plane to spend Mother's Day in the White House with her famous son." scenes of President Truman with his mother; (6) Point System Frees First GI Joe - "Fort McPherson, GA: Sgt. Rondall Stroud of Clayton, Ga. with 132 service points (47 over the required 85 discharge points) empties his diffle bag for the quartermaster, gets a huge check from the paymaster and bids adieu to the U.S. Army, one of the first to be mustered out under the new plan." scenes of Sgt. Stroud who is first to get 85 points required for discharge, drew a $1400 check; (7) Heroism Rewarded - "Denver, Colorado: The Congressional Medal of Honor is presented to Corporal Robert Maxwell in person, and the parents of Private Elmer Fryar receive his posthumous Congressional Medal award." (8) They're Off! (Exclusive) - "30,000 fans crowd into Narragansett Park, Rhode Island, as horse racing resumes in the U.S.A." (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: Christine Hennig - - May 31, 2006
Subject: Germany Surrenders, Mussolini Is Strung Up, and Horse Racing Begins Again!
This newsreel documents the German surrender to the Allies, which spelled the end of the European war in World War II. Also included are stories on the arrival in the US of the last group of German POWs, the death of Mussolini (this story contains some grisly scenes of dead bodies being strung up), the statue honoring the taking of Io Jima being unveiled and used to sell war bonds, President Truman visiting his mother on Motherâs Day, the first American GIs being discharged, soldiers being awarded medals, and the beginning of horse racing after a wartime hiatus. This has lots of historical value, as it documents a lot of different things that were happening near the end of the war, and, unlike most of the WWII-era newsreels on the site, itâs well preserved.
Ratings: Camp/Humor Value: **. Weirdness: ***. Historical Interest: *****. Overall Rating: ****.
on 5/27/2005